pyLODE: an OWL ontology documentation tool

pyLODE: an OWL ontology documentation tool

An ontology written in the OWL language is a bunch of definitions and their semantic relationships that a machine can read. Unfortunately, the content of an owl file cannot be easily visualized by humans. pyLODE is a python tool based on LODE that makes owl ontologies human-readable.

pyLODE converts an owl file into a html page where the IRIs, descriptions, domain and ranges of the classes, object properties, and datatype properties can be easily read and visualized.

We have customized the original templates provided by pyLODE to convert a scheme of our owl ontology OntoAvida in a html file (see screenshot above). You can find our customized templates at our gitlab repository.

The html description of the owl ontology can also include figures depicting the main relationships between the terms defined in the ontology (as below),

besides the IRI and description of the classes, as well as the domain and range the class is involved in (as shown here for the class digital organism).

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